Just Wandering - Big Bend National Park

(Part 1 of a 4 part series...Big Bend is huge!)

When we made the decision to move into our RV for the foreseeable future and travel the US, our main goals were to find 70º weather and visit all the national parks. With these goals in mind, we headed south out of Oklahoma and into Texas with Big Bend National Park as our destination. It was January so 70º was tough but for the most part it was at least in the 60's and much nicer than the freezing temps back home so we couldn't complain!

Sharing the campground with our new friend, Carl!

As we made our way through Texas to get to Big Bend, which borders Mexico, we were forced to monitor the situation with the government shut down. Most parks were open, including Big Bend, however our campground was closed until the government resumed business. We felt pretty lucky when the issue was resolved (at least temporarily) just as we arrived in Del Rio, our last stop before the park. We arrived at the park the next day to find out it would be 2 more days before everything opened back up. Grrr. We took the opportunity to buy our NP Passes for the year and went in search of a place to park the rig for a few days. Luckily there was a great campground just outside the park, Stillwell Store and RV Campground. It was definitely a nice, quiet park and it didn't take long to find a space our rig would fit in!

And we found some cool stuff to to while we waited patiently for Tuesday at noon!

There was some cool stuff to see around the campground too! The sunsets were simply stunning and even in the desert there is pretty plant life. Though, I'd recommend not getting too close!

Next: Big Bend...Finally!

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